Dear Customers and Suppliers!

Dansk Opto Teknik A/S is history.


December 2016 we celebrated our 30 year anniversary, and I have now become an older gentleman, at least according to my grandchildren.

Before turning into a "Grumpy Old Man", it is probably time to reflect on my age, and nicely thank everybody who has helped me and the company to survive for such a long time.

I have not regretted a second of the 30 years. It has been mostly interesting and fun, thanks to many good customers and suppliers. Of course there have been nasty problems and challenges; otherwise it would have been too boring. Anyway - there were never enough hours in the day for all the things I wanted to achieve.

Does it stop completely?

Yes - and yet no.

I have not been able to find someone who would continue the company. But do not despair!

Speed ​​Tech A/S, a Danish company which develops and produces advanced gate controllers and automation systems, will continue part of the program. Contact address is:

Speed Tech A/S

Nybrovej 97

DK-2820 Gentofte

Tel: +45 45 93 85 45    Mail:

You will still be able to get transmitters and receivers. And you will still be able to get photoelectric amplifiers. Some products will be discontinued, mostly because they passed the expiration date long time ago. Fortunately, there are other suppliers with replacements, none mentioned, none forgotten.

So it'll work out altogether. Life goes on and none of us are quite as indispensable as we like to think. This also applies to companies.

Once again – thanks to all customers and suppliers.

Yours sincerely